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Empowering Women Through Real Estate Investing: Closing the Wealth Gap

The world of real estate, while offering immense opportunities, can often seem daunting, especially for women. The Real Estate Podcast’s episode, “Empowering Women Through Real Estate Investing: Closing the Wealth Gap w/ Lisa Copeland,” seeks to change this narrative by highlighting the transformative power...

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From Rookie To $225K: How A 20yr Old Became An Airbnb Superhost

The Meteoric Rise of a Young Airbnb Superhost: Hailey Anderson’s Inspiring Journey In the vast realm of real estate and entrepreneurship, few stories are as captivating as that of Hailey Anderson. The Real Estate Podcast’s episode, “From Rookie to $225k: How a 20yr Old...

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Secrets of real estate entrepreneur: How to build a successful business

Journeying into the Heart of Real Estate Entrepreneurship with Vanessa Pizana The dynamic world of real estate is filled with stories of triumph, challenges, and continuous learning. The Real Estate Podcast’s episode, “Secrets of a Real Estate enTREpreneur™: How to Build a Successful Business,”...

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I’m Saeed, a recognized real estate expert with a passion for sharing my expertise. I’ve spent years mastering the property landscape, and today, I channel that knowledge through my “Realtor Podcasting” platform. Whether you’re diving into real estate for the first time or seeking advanced insights, I’m your go-to source.

I’m Saeed, a recognized real estate expert and the proud host of the “Realtor Podcasting” show. With years of experience in the property landscape, I’m passionate about sharing my expertise with listeners. Whether you’re new to real estate or seeking advanced insights, tune in to my show for invaluable guidance.

Saeed Ahmadi the founder and host of realtor podcasting show

Saeed Ahmadi